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Bartender's Handbook

Bartender's Handbook

Bartender's Handbook
The bartender's handbook and recipe guide is not just a drink book. The book does contain thousands of recipes, but it also is a full bartending course manual with wine knowledge, liquor knowledge, bartending tips (to increase your tips!), and the book has sold thousands of copies in bartending schools across the US. In addition to the recipes the book tells you why drinks are made a certain way, so you can figure out new drinks on your own.

The book also contains the bartender toolkit on CD ROM, this toolkit runs on either your PC or mobile device, it even runs on your windows mobile phone.

There are also special sections on:
  • Drinks, how to remember drink recipes, and why they are mixed as they are 
  • Color pictures of Garnishes 
  • Complete Garnish Guide 
  • Complete Wine Guide 
  • Wines, how to suggest wines and why 
  • Bartending Terms, how to decipher drink recipes 
  • Flavors, how and why they relate 
  • There are 10's of thousands of drink names, and most names have more than one drink recipe. This book teaches the bartender how to remember drink recipes and create drinks to keep the customer happy and their tip jar full.